How to Organize Kerry Noël Tote Bag [Customizable Pockets]

No need for a handbag organizer tutorial. Kerry Noel has you covered with our Customizable Luxury Leather Tote Bags!

Has this ever happened to you? You pack your favorite Tote Bag to the brim with all of your essential items like makeup, a phone charger, other electronic  devices, and your wallet. You're prepared and ready to go, but then you notice that your lips are chapped. You reach into your bag only to find that your belongings are spilled out everywhere, and your favorite lip balm that you need so desperately is buried under a jumble of your personal belongings and impossible to reach without emptying half your bag!

At Kerry Noël, we understand that the perfect leather tote bag is not only beautiful, but functional as well. We want you to be equipped with all of your needs and ready to access them with ease. This is why we have designed customizable pocket options for your favorite Kerry Noël tote.

Here's the Problem:

As professionals, we’re expected to carry a lot of stuff to and from work (wherever that may be these days). Yet as women, we face the added challenge of staying prepared without sacrificing our outward appearance (in ways men just don’t). To stay fashionable, we often look to trendy “designers” for our tote bag needs, but big box fashion designers often source low quality materials to increase their profits, which means we end up with a bag we are lucky to use for a single season.

To solve this dilemma, Kerry Noël offers affordable luxury goods with only the highest quality, genuine leather materials. We make handcrafted designer leather bags for women that are proud to rebel against mass production fashion and value genuine leather goods handmade in America with a lifetime guarantee.

Here’s How We Work It:

Alex, the head of marketing for Kerry Noël is one of these women. Read on to learn the simple methods that she uses to organize her tote bag for work.

Keeping it Compact

“My favorite method for keeping my bag efficient is to organize my purse with pouches,” she notes. Loose cash, cards, and coins can get lost really quick at the bottom of a tote. This is why the Kerry Noël Perfect Wallet is a must have for every outing. “I simply slip my wallet into my tote and access it with ease when I need it!” 

With a 32 card capacity, running out of room in your wallet is never an issue. Choose from a variety of colors that go with any outfit! The Kerry Noël Perfect Wallet is the best option for a custom purse organizer made in the USA!


“Basic cosmetics are a must have when you work as hard as I do”, says Alex. The nightmare of spilled makeup in the bottom of your bag is a thing of the past with the Kerry Noël Cosmetic Pouch, shown here in Rose Gold.  

Featuring Luxury Leather Organizers in each bag, the Kerry Noël Perfect Leather Tote is ideal for keeping all of your items organized in one place.

“This cute zippered pouch is an easy way to keep everything I need safe and organized within my tote”. From lipstick to foundation, everything has its own little home. Leaving you more time to enjoy looking and feeling amazing and less time digging through your custom leather tote bag.

Perfect Pocket Organization

A major advantage of ordering from Kerry Noël is the ability to customize your tote to fit your exact needs. “I knew I would need a dedicated pocket for my laptop and my phone” says Alex, “because those are the things I use every day”.

Multi pocket purse organizers are a great way to keep everything you need within reach, and this process is made easy with Kerry Noël! Simply fill out our form when placing your order and tell us exactly what you are looking for in your luxury handcrafted leather organized bag!  

No Need for a Separate Bag Organizer

Why buy an additional custom bag organizer when Kerry Noël already has you covered?

Organizing your bag for work is effortless with the Kerry Noël Tote. Featuring a customizable laptop pocket, along with options for sleeves for your tablet, phone, and keyring hook this custom tote bag is ideal for the hard-working woman!

Visit our website today to shop our Custom Handcrafted Leather Tote Bags Collection!

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