How to Repair Leather Handbags the Right Way!

Genuine Full Grain Leather Handbags for Women made in the USA by Kerry NoelOne beauty of leather handbags is how they age with you. They’re a signature piece with their own characteristics and personality. With a little tender love and care, your leather handbag can become an heirloom piece that you hand down to your next generation of loved ones. One secret to this is understanding how to fix a damaged leather bag.

Purse repair is often something you can do at home or with the help of a professional if it’s a more serious issue. Cracked leather repair is something you might need to invest in once your bag gets older. 

At Kerry Noël, we know you'll love your leather handbag and accessories for years to come. They’re a timeless investment that you want to carry throughout your life.

We’re sharing our top tips on how to repair leather bags and accessories at home.

Handbag repair for leather that has lost its luster 

One bag repair trick that you need to know is how to clean your leather to restore its luster. This treatment is something you want to do regularly to keep your leather in pristine condition.

What you need to clean your leather bag

When you’re looking to fix a leather bag, you want to invest in a leather cleaner or conditioner. You’ll also need to have a white cloth and some warm water on hand. You want to avoid using dish soap or laundry detergent at all costs.

How to remove dirt from your leather accessories

Dampen the white cloth in warm water before wiping down the leather to remove any dirt. Take some time to closely examine your leather to check for any stains or imperfections. Once your leather is cleaned, apply your leather cleaner directly to any problem areas. Take the cloth and damp it once more in the warm water before wiping off the leather cleaner, avoiding leaving any residue behind.

For more tips on cleaning you leather bag, see How to Clean your and Care for Genuine Leather Goods

How to fix peeling leather on bags and accessories

Peeling leather is something that happens to some low-quality leather alternatives.

Real leather hides -like those that eventually become Kerry Noël Bags- don't peel easily, and only grow more beautiful with age.

If you do have a cheap bag made of fake leather, peeling will become a problem on parts of your bags and accessories that are constantly opening or moving.

The flap of a wallet is a prime example as the peeling is being moved and flexed. Over time, the peeling may start to wear and flake off. Leather paint is an easy way to fix a leather purse with peeling issues. You can use this trick for leather tear repair.

What you need to fix peeling leather

You’ll need to purchase leather paint in a color that matches the sides or edges of your bag. A small paintbrush is best to give you a precise application. Choose the smallest size that you’re comfortable working with for the best results.

How to fix damaged leather bags with peeling issues

Start by cleaning the leather to remove any dirt or peeling that is about to come loose. Add a little of the leather paint to your brush. It’s always best to start with less than you think you need. Apply the leather paint to the side or edges before leaving it to dry.

You may need to add a few coats for an opaque finish, depending on the peeling on your bag. You want to allow each coat to dry before applying another.How to repair damaged, cracked, or peeling leather handbags.

How to fix cracked leather or noticeable scratches 

Scratches are common with genuine leather, but they add a sense of personality to your accessory. It’s a part of the process of owning a leather handbag and makes it uniquely your own.

If you spot a deeper crack in your leather, you’ll want to know this handbag repair trick:

What you need for cracked leather repair work

Keep your damp cloth on hand and invest in leather glue and your trusty leather conditioner. A toothpick is another essential that will come in useful here.

How to repair cracked leather accessorizes 

As always, start by cleaning your leather to remove any dirt. Your leather conditioner is the perfect treatment to help repair cracks and scratches as it rehydrates the leather. 

If you have a deeper or more noticeable crack, bend the leather to get to the surface. Take a small amount of the leather glue using a toothpick, applying the glue into the exposed surface of the crack. Once the glue is in place, flatten the leather and press the edges together to help seal the crack back in place.

Quickly use your damp cloth to remove any excess glue from the leather that may have slipped out of the crack. Set the leather aside to dry before adding a protective coat of the conditioner. 

Are you not sure how to fix peeling leather or want some professional advice? You can drop our friendly team a message at, and they’ll be happy to help!