Kerry Noël Leather Goods Honey Leather Tote Review by @MomLifeandMayhemwithMia

Hi guys! I have a tote a leather tote that i have completely fallen head over heels with. It is from a newer company that i've also completely fallen in love with...

It's a tote from Kerry Noël Leather Goods. I stumbled upon her company and their instagram page and i'm so happy that i did! This has become my absolute favorite tote of all that i have tried thus far which has been quite a few.

Just the shape the size the leather the customizations that you can do that she's got on her website she has a bunch of customization options available on her website which i will go over with you guys.

Also if you really really want to get it super custom you can email her and if what you want is not exactly on the website she is easy to work with. She's such a sweet soul of a person and yeah.

Without further ado here is my bag okay what's up it is literally perfect it's actually reading kind of orange so let me go turn my let me see if this will help hold on.

Excuse the stains for my toddler's on my couch okay so now it's just natural light coming in and this is a little bit better but it's still reading i feel like a little orange.

It is not.

I don't know why my camera is doing that, it does not have red undertones. This bag is like such a good um caramel neutral brown it's literally my favorite brown so far i'm a brown bag fiend i love brown leather it's amazing this color is more of a rich caramel color with not super orange undertones not red undertones just just brown um so here it is i have the standard tote size here's the front sides the back.

So perfect! I got the front pocket customization it's so proportionate to the bag such a good size and i also got i actually got my straps a little bit longer i believe the standard is inches and i asked her to do and a half for.

I believe it's very comfortable as you can see her straps are completely broken and she burnishes them and everything herself.

She's a one woman show right now she does all of the bags herself she's the only one that sells them and makes them which is unbelievable to me.

Oh my gosh um she's a rock star.

So it's got solid brass rivets. Let me go over let me go over the options that you have for the bag and the size of this particular bag. 

This is her standard tote size she also has a large tote a hobo bag she has a cross body and some accessories i'll put her website in the description and you'll be able to check all that out the leathers she keeps are absolutely stunning they're phenomenal um so this is the standard tote.

The standard tote size is inches wide at the top and a half inches wide at the bottom right here it is five and a half inches in depth and then it is inches tall and as you can see there's no flare out or any kind of awkwardness to the bag.

I find a lot of tote bags you find kind of have a flare out at the top and i don't like that i like the streamline and simplicity of this one.

The straps come standard at inch drop which if you want something shorter or longer i'm sure you can email her the straps themselves are inch wide each they're very very nice they're thick they're very movable they're extremely extremely comfortable which is a huge plus for me i find from other companies they can be very stiff 
or very very rough and raw on the edges and that can sometimes hurt my arms but these are just phenomenal.

These are the custom options she has on the website that you can see if you go there but i'm going to read them to you anyway.

You can get the zippered or magnet closure i used to think when i first started using leather totes i thought that i had to have a zipper and um that has since changed.

I like an open tote as long as it's tall enough but i actually prefer like the snap or this closure and i actually prefer the magnet over the snap like the button you know we're talking about like that button like snap it in.

I prefer the magnet um it's super simple it finds its way it's it's perfect and it adds some it doesn't pop open it's very strong so you can get zippered or magnetic closure she has for hardware brass nickel or matte black. I saw the matte black in person and it is stunning um the additional pockets that you can choose on the website you can get a tablet pocket or a laptop pocket. Those are would be both on the inside.

Obviously you can get an external pocket like i have here and then you have an option to do tablet plus external and laptop plus external pocket.

You can all select on the website for your order which is so much there's just so much comfort customization that she offers already on her website it blows my mind.

I feel like i'm talking super fast, first of all i'm excited and second my kids are being crazy having them both have quiet time in their rooms because they won't stop fighting.

But anyway so let me do a little what's in my bag. This is the honey leather it is currently it does have pull up it is pebbly and textured. It's just like a chewy brownie like a chewy buttery rich brownie is what it feels like.

It feels amazing. This is on backorder right now so it's not available but i will tell you she does have some amazing kodiak leathers. I was able to go pick this up in person because she's local to me and every leather that she has i can tell you firsthand it is phenomenal. 

I touched all the leathers and they're just delicious there you cannot go wrong with one of them um you can't go wrong with one of them they're all amazing.

This is honey um and this is what i have i mean let me let me put this on for you guys let me see if i can get a good shot sorry i'm kind of like all over the place. This is over my shoulder, it's like good enough where i can grab it right here or like do that thing where you throw it behind your back and like grab it like this.

It's perfect it's perfect, okay? Let me show you what i have inside. I actually also tried on her large toe and it is big but it feels good on the body.

To me it's not awkwardly huge it feels really nice and it's a good size for every day along with this one.

So oh my god doesn't it it comes already standard with a key leash and an internal pocket so here is the inside of the bag and as you can see it has solid brass hardware.

It's longer which i love and here is the internal pocket right there right there.

So here's why i love the key leash being longer:  i can literally throw it out of my bag and i don't have to take my keys off to unlock my door .

I'm just like: "i'm home, okay bye" and then throw it back in. So the length of it is perfect. It's not too long and not so short that you can't like actually just keep your keys on it and access them and use them so that's one of the things that i love about this.

Okay so here's what i have in here let me show you guys in this back pocket this back and turn up and here's her logo. This is the only logo that she has on her bags it's a little KN and they're just great.

In this inside pocket i actually have some paper towels for like when i'm going somewhere in this Texas heat so i can excuse.

Okay this little card wallet it has um insurance cards and section it this is what i use for my wallet right now i don't have an actual real wallet um but i just keep cards in here. Cute little thing and then um i have a pen, and that is all for that one pocket.

So here is what's left. I have tons more room in here and i have it i have it packed with a quite a bit and i still have more room.
this bag is  the perfect in between size you can carry a lot but you also don't have to carry a lot and it's so comfortable and looks good.

So i have this pouch in here. Here is this. The size of this pouch compared to the size of the bag. It's a pretty good sized pouch and this has my daughter's um it's going to pull up just in case.

She doesn't really use those over overall anymore and it's got spare shorts and keys a little brush that's it.

I have this little no brand leather pouch that i have lip glosses and stuff in and then i have this little this is my favorite it's got um bug bite thing, chapstick, essential oil, roller, floss, hydrocortisone, butt cream, all the possible things that we might need while we're out and about.

And then i have a wipe socks of course because i'm a mom and we
always need wipes. I usually have snacks in here but i don't have any accent here i know because i need to go to the store and get more snacks.

Here is the inside empty such an amazing amount of space and this leather you guys.

Let me take my keys off here. This is my forever favorite keychain from etsy it says hello darling on it or hey darling.

Let me take this off and show you guys just this like squishy scrumptious leather. It's just so... it's just so squishy and chewy and heavy!

It's so nice the color is picking up such an orange tone but it's really not. I just love it uh again this is her standard size tilt it's my favorite it's my favorite one so far um the quality is beautiful the material her leathers are just some of my favorite leathers that i've seen and felt and her straps are by far my favorite straps.

It's just i love it the amount of customization she has you just can't beat it you just can't. I've also completely fallen in love with the magnetic closure that i didn't previously have in other bags, but now that i've got this from her with that closure on i love it um yeah it's it's my ride or die right now.

I am hoping to get some more from her because i want the large one and i want the hobo and i want some wallets and some all the things.

I just i want all the things from her because i'm obsessed with Kerry Noël  Leather Goods.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment and ask.

You can find me here and on instagram. I always answer my dms on instagram as well so if you have any questions or want to see additional pictures and whatnot.

If you want to know about some of the leather she carries since i have i have seen them and i have felt them i know the textures and how they feel and stuff please please feel free to reach out.

I'm gonna try to link everything below for sure gonna have her shop linked um everything she makes is all sourced. Everything she's got is sourced from the USA she is a USA made bag company.

Woman owned, she's the only one making the bags right now. She's a very small company but a very amazing one her work is amazing so definitely check her out and that's it.

I hope that this was informative i know it was kind of fast and i'm talking pretty fast i've just got a lot going with my kids right now so if i left anything out please get a hold of me here she is here she is, beautiful beautiful.